Ceilings – underused areas

Honestly – who thinks much about ceilings except as something to hang lights from? A huge, flat space in our rooms that we basically ignore…

I love going round stately homes and one of the first things I do in each room is look up. I love those grand old ceilings with mouldings and patterns. And often murals and paintings too. They really used the space. But when I look around rooms of most people, they do nothing with the ceiling. So here are some options that I think look stunning and a bit more modern than murals of goddesses and fat cherubs!

Well there’s this lovely gold ceiling. I think this would be a really good way of reflecting light in a small space, while also looking really glamorous. Might be a bit overpowering in a big room perhaps.

Gold ceiling in a small vanity sink areaa

Gold ceiling in a small vanity sink area

Next this lovely study with a map ceiling. I’m actually genuinely slightly tempted by putting this in our (much smaller) study. It’s just so cool! And all the cream background means it still feels high and spacious.

Map ceiling

Or you could just go bold and colourful. This look probably does go best with a white or pale wall (so a bit unlike my standard approach). I love how in this room the ceiling is echoed in the rug too.

Teal ceiling

And finally, back to that old school moulding? Well, here’s a modern take on it. I absolutely adore this ceiling. Doesn’t it look special? Would be amazing in my bedroom with it’s bower theme or the hallway (which will be a winter woodland when it’s finally done)

Vine ceiling


Pinterest Friday – a lampshade

I’ve been looking for new light fittings for various rooms, so it made sense that this week’s Friday pin is a lampshade. (search term ‘beautiful lampshade’).

I love how simple this is – just one of those round paper lanterns. But beautifully upgraded with paper butterflies.

Simple – even simple to do yourself! You could use any coloured paper you like to match your themes, different patterns. And different sizes to create a textured feel. I imagine this would cast the most incredible shadows on the wall as well, which would be amazing.

Friday feature – something pretty

New Friday feature! Find something random on Pinterest and share it.

So look at these gorgeous chairs! (random search for colourful furniture)

I love the jewel green colour, and the lovely luxurious fabric. But also the shape and detailing, kind of Art Deco shape. I think I like that era quite a lot…

Enjoy! Wish one day I could have room for things as gorgeous as this.

Ok, more things as gorgeous as this – after all my beloved sofa is pretty much as good.