Hallway lighting

House projects have been a bit slow on the ground of late – decorating has taken a bit of a back seat to fixing. Such as damp proofing the bay window in the bedroom, fixing the leak in the roof (again, I’m starting to think that the problem is the skylight not the tiles – aaargh!), dealing with rats…lots of little niggles that just mean it’s harder to be active about the other stuff.


But there have been a few things to note. The first is that I’ve bought a new lampshade for the hallway. The hall is happening in reverse. Essentially, I’ve bought all the accessories before doing the base decorating. Which leaves open the very real possibility that it’ll all look wrong. Never mind!


The lampshade is laser cut metal in the shape of trees, which will look amazing with the planned wallpaper and really add to the snowy forest feeling that I’m aiming for. You can see the shade, and the shadows it casts in the pictures.

 Tree shadows

Sharper shadows from where the shade is closer to the wall

Sharper shadows from where the shade is closer to the wall

It’s also open at the bottom, which means the bulb casts a clear, strong light. I know that a lot of people prefer softer lights, but I personally like the feeling that I can see what I’m doing. It’s also quite important that we have a lot of light so that at least some of it can penetrate down the exceedingly dark entrance stairs. The new lamp does help with that, but doesn’t exactly solve it, so I’m going to have to think of a different solution. The problem is that a light that illuminates the stairs would mean significant rewiring electrical work to move the outlet, which I’m not keen on at all. Any other form of lighting for the stairs – fairy lights, lamps and so on – need to be able to be switched on and off at both ends of the staircase, which is also a technical hassle. I’ve not completely figured out the answer yet!


Maybe I can loop the lampshade so it hangs closer to the top of the stairs to illuminate down? But then I think it might block the view of my gorgeous mirror – and that’s useful for seeing how we look before we go out. But it might be a price worth paying…


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