Mexican chest

I think I’ve mentioned before the loft room. In terms of shape, it’s really awkward to make it into something useful. But in a way, that’s freed us up to be a bit more adventurous with it. Which is why it’s painted in that glowing orange, with the purple trim. It sounds really nasty, but actually it works. Really warm and rich looking combination.

But, as we don’t use it much…it was a bit unloved. And a bit of a dumping ground for things we hadn’t yet found a home for. Which made it messy, so it looked uninviting, so it was unloved and a dumping ground!

Anyway, when we finished the kitchen, the problem couldn’t be ignored much longer. You see, a lot of the dumped stuff was things that we wanted to put in the kitchen ‘if we had room’. Once we had all those lovely new cupboards in place, there were no more excuses. It had to be sorted and homes found for all the stuff.

Well, a lot of stuff did find it’s home in the kitchen. But there was also quite a lot that didn’t. So we needed something upstairs we could use to store the leftovers. And some other things that needed to stay in the loft – like paperwork and craft stuff. Something that would match the warm vibe, and also fit in the room. Oh, and be able to get up the stairs and ridiculously narrow doors!

In the end, eBay came to the rescue, with a lovely ‘Mexican style’ chest. It was flat pack – but you wouldn’t know it from looking at it! Assembling it was a challenge in the limited space, but it was completed with minimal tantrums and tears. And then came the challenge of fitting stuff in. Which is where this chest really came in to its own. Despite the three doors you can see, they all interlink so you have one very large space (with a shelf) rather than three cupboards. This meant that some of the larger platters and roasting tins could be fitted in quite neatly.

The style of the chest works too. The tone of the wood is just right – and also works with the other items we have up there. The black metal trim has that slightly more masculine edge that I wanted for this library/snug of a room too. Although, that said, the decoration and knick knacks rather undermine that aspect….but that’s for another post I think!

Look at the lovely wood and those black metal hinges and details.

Look at the lovely wood and those black metal hinges and details.


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