So I became an interior designer at the weekend.

Only kidding! I’m far too risk averse to change career for something so uncertain and the hard work involved in becoming self-employed doesn’t sound like a bundle of laughs.

But I did pass the final exam in my online course. It would be more surprising if I hadn’t – a 35 question multiple choice exam, where you have 100 attempts and they tell you the answers after the first attempt? Anyone should pass that. But, to boast just a little, I did pass with 91% on my first attempt.

The questions were somewhat random, I have to say. Of the 35 there were three on candles. They’re important, sure, but 10% of the whole trade of an interior designer? One of them was asking if it was true that putting candles in the fridge makes them burn longer (it does). Which was interesting, but it didn’t feel like it really tested how well I’d absorbed the course.

Anyway. 91%. Qualified. Seems like a time to reflect on what I did learn.

·         I genuinely love interior design

·         Drawing things is hard. But possible, even for someone as naturally bad as me.

·         The history of buildings and design is fascinating – understanding why people choose things to look the way they did, how fashion and technology combine? It’s brilliant.

·         I love soft looking sofas, preferably velvet.

·         Putting together mood boards/designs for rooms is such good fun, and I’m really proud of some of the concepts I came up with. (maybe a future post on my home cinema is in order)

·         There’s a lot of terminology involved in design

·         There’s a lot of complicated maths – calculating costs, especially for things like soft furnishings. Plus the business model for a designer is so complex! (and I couldn’t make it pay, not matter how unfeasibly I set my sales targets)

·         Rules and concepts (progression, rhythm, colour matching, patterns etc) are mostly there for breaking. Except when they’re not

·         Understanding rules and concepts helps you figure out what’s wrong with a room – I knew there was something off with a room I was visiting, but until  I’d read about it, I couldn’t pin down that the room was unbalanced.

·         Almost everything you can imagine exists for sale somewhere. Isn’t that exciting?

·         Candles burn longer if you freeze them first

·         The only way to make a funky interior is to add pouffes. Lots of pouffes. (course in-joke. Sorry).

So I’m going to take all of this learning, and the reading and googling that went with it to continue to turn my little, dodgy flat into a place of beauty. But I’m not going to take this on as a career. Not yet, at least.


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