More on the kitchen

Times have been busy. The kitchen renovation took up an awful lot of time, and my new job kind of went up a gear as well.

So a quick update on the kitchen. Our Wickes design was the winner, and we got it installed. Part way through, we were persuaded into getting tiles round the walls. It wasn’t a hard sell, as we’d been struggling with finding paint in a particular shade of blue we were hankering after that only comes in tiles and glassware.

So we bought the tiles, got them put up and they are stunning. I will never regret getting them in the slightestThose gorgeous blue tiles, they’re just beautiful. See? Gorgeous. (and we did get that electrical socket put in properly, and the foam off the hob too. Promise)

The tiling subcontractors said they’d never put up tiles that colour – at least not as a solid block – before and they loved it too. Not that it matters what they think as long as we’re happy, but it was nice to get that validation.More kitchen joy

Next steps – sorting out the dodgy plasterwork where the coving came down and the old extractor fan was taken out and painting the walls. We’ve had a few debates about the wall colour, but I’ve won that battle, and the kitchen will be dark blue paint as well as tiles. I KNOW it’s going to look just amazing, but it’s hard to explain why. Pictures when I finally get round to doing it.

I’m also pretty keen on changing out the handles. The current ones are too big, and a bit too square as well. Something a bit less chunky would be good. This is for practical reasons as well as aesthetic – currently we can’t open the dishwasher fully due to the handle on one of the drawers….

 Lighting – we need new lighting. The current flowery pendant looks all wrong in the room. It’s the wrong colours – being cream and gold. The flowery, rustic, shabby chic look doesn’t work with the style of the room, and it doesn’t shed enough light. I’m thinking a bar light with LED bulbs that we can angle around the kitchen to make sure all the corners get light. I’d quite like something dramatic and modern looking, but I think a big shade is just going to be impractical. The beam across the ceiling doesn’t help either.

 And that’s just in the kitchen!


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