Busy life – and orange rooms

Things are pretty hectic for me at the moment. I’m changing jobs – this is my last week in my current one – and there’s lots of loose ends to be tied, as well as leaving drinks to arrange! New job starts next week, so that might take up a lot of time as well.

There’s one room I haven’t mentioned much so far – the loft room. It’s incredibly awkward as a space – the ceiling is very low even at the highest point, and all of the widest part of the room is under the sloping ceiling. At the lowest point the ceiling is about 3 foot off the floor, so there really isn’t much you can fit under there. Though that ‘wall’ also has the two doors to the loft storage in it, so you wouldn’t want to cover it anyway.

I’d originally wanted to have the main bedroom upstairs, but you could barely fit a bed in, and certainly not a wardrobe. Remember how much wardrobe space we installed in the bedroom? Yes, well, that would have been impossible. So we wanted a cosy, second sitting room – a sort of library almost – but with a sofa bed for guests.

Most of the colours we’ve chosen so far are a little on the cold side, though quite bright. I wanted to try a dark colour, that would say ‘cosy’ and ‘warm’ and studyish. So we looked at reds and oranges. We did try a few similar to the Colour Of The Year (Marsala), but they were too flat and brown. I loved some deep, almost purple blood reds, but got vetoed in that they were too red.

So in the end we chose a fiery orange red. It’s Cinnabar Red from Fired Earth, and the colour matches the name – spicy and exotic, orangey but still red. In fact it kind of matches a coat of mine…

Close up of the paint colour

Close up of the paint colour

Its a bit brighter than I envisioned originally, but in the sunshine, or with just a side light on it, it absolutely glows and does actually convey the image I wanted of the room – so all’s well that ends well!

Painting in progress - really shows how the sunshine makes it glow

Painting in progress – really shows how the sunshine makes it glow


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