Kitchen planning appointment

So on Wednesday, our first kitchen planner came round.

He spotted a few issues with where the kitchen is (not arguing with the current problems!) – there’s a structural beam half way along that’s going to make moving the hob and hood tricky. Oh, and we don’t have a stopcock.

But, he was on the whole quite positive. Certainly helpful! He thinks we can have all the things we want – a washing machine and dryer and slimline dishwasher! That, I wasn’t expecting, I thought we’d have to give up the dishwasher. He does think that he has to make me forfeit a tall cupboard that I wanted for the ironing board and mops and stuff. A bit disappointing, but something I can probably live with I suppose.

Anyway, full plans tomorrow so I’ll see what I think of it…Another designer coming round on Sunday though, so we should have some options!


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