Friday beautiful thing

I can’t get the pictures to save to this blog but this mirror is just beautiful.

I need a mirror for the hallway, to bounce light down the very dark and gloomy stairs. And as the wallpaper I’ve chosen has strong vertical lines (being a snowy forest look), I wanted a round mirror.

I also wanted something that referenced the forest somehow – flowers or leaves or branches or something.

And you’d be surprised how, with what I thought were pretty broad requirements, I couldn’t find a single thing I wanted. I looked. And looked. And googled about every other day. And NOTHING. I was in full on stubborn mode. I refused to give in. But I’d been given money for Christmas and I wanted to use it for this. So I needed something. I hit Google again.

And this came up in the sidebar. The price is a little more than I was hoping for. But it’s so perfect I just couldn’t resist. I’m so happy!


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