Finishing up the study

In the blogging hiatus, I rather forgot that I left the study in it’s glorious, slightly icy blues (apart from the dark colour on the radiator I suppose), with clean white furniture.

Just a nice Ikea desk and Ikea desk chair, but in that room they look pretty much perfect.

Still, the room was a bit stark like that. Serene, but not welcoming. And it needed accessorising!

Well, it’s a study, and that says travel to me, so the art on the walls is maps including a vintage Tube map. (I’ll tell you a secret. It’s not real vintage. It’s a replica that was used as wrapping paper but we loved and framed and you’d never know it used to be wrapping paper. That’s how easy fabulous art can be).

We’d been using the study to store some bits and pieces while we unpacked elsewhere, including my beautiful faux irises, and I noticed that the purple worked really well with the blue walls. It adds a little warmth, and a different colour to accent the room. Turns out we had quite a lot of purple knick knacks that look great, plus some other bits that have personal significance.

The result – a room that’s beautiful and relates to us both very personally, which makes it inspiring as well as serene to work in. So, with that and the bedroom, there are two rooms that give me that wiggle squiggle of happiness when I go it. Just three/four to go!

Overview o the desk


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