Inspiration comes from….a corporate strategy document??

As the title, says, inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere.

A colleague of mine was looking at a corporate strategy document and complaining about the diagram making one of the points – a hexagon in alternating dark and pale grey with a purple shape at the centre. It might not have made it’s point very well, but she was also complaining about the colour scheme.

But when I saw it in terms of colour, I could just see the greys as a wall and the shape in the middle as a lovely squishy sofa. Which I thought would be sophisticated and luxurious and comfortable looking all at once.

And a skim through Pinterest confirms this – look at the examples I’ve found. Sure you can find some more…

fdb28ee1377ea06f6588206176593247 d6397b4f3a1ec9c7be4dceb5c2544577 cf32269fe081e43615e18aae650ab8ff Dark purple chair pale grey walls 375ae55f09b5dcb0120ff395af92c139


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