Trying to design a kitchen

I really hope that the last post convinced you just why we want/need a new kitchen.

But we have no idea how to even start thinking about how to sort out a kitchen. It’s way out of our comfort zone. And all the articles online aren’t specific enough or detailed enough and are quite often wildly contradictory.

So after browsing round some kitchen stores, and being thoroughly uninspired, we bit the bullet and went to a professional. Kind of. We have been told of a kitchen fitter who will help design a space. And there are local professional independent kitchen designers. But given how deeply naïve we felt about it, we wanted to go somewhere safe. At least to start with. So we went in to John Lewis.

And this is where I thought things got weird. We were asked what cabinets we wanted. And surfaces. Which I suppose is fair enough, not their fault that I can’t really think about that until I know what and where those cabinets will be… And then we had to pick the model of dishwasher. Although WE DON’T EVEN KNOW IF THERE’S ROOM FOR A DISHWASHER.

Sorry, just needed to vent that a bit. But at no point did they even ask for any dimensions of the kitchen. It all felt a lot like trying to run before I even understand what legs are for.

Anyway, John Lewis’ actual kitchen planner is coming to visit next Sunday, so we might get a bit more joy then…


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