The problem with the kitchen

Like I said yesterday, the next big project in the house is the kitchen. Lets just run down why I’m desperate to change it.

I’m a cook. Not a brilliant cook – I’m not the next GBBO winner and definitely not a masterchef in the making. But I love cooking (and eating, but never mind that for now). I don’t have a ridiculous amount of gadgets and stuff, but a fair few. We have glassware and pots and pans and so on. And most importantly, cooking in the evening is my wind down after work. Its how I relax and have my me time. So the kitchen is pretty important to me.

Our kitchen in the new flat has potential. Its next to the living area, which is nice so I don’t need to be completely separated. But still separate. There’s a window, and a little alcove just the right size for a washing machine and maybe a dryer too.

Which makes it actually even more disappointing that when they converted it into a kitchen they did such an appalling job of it! The units are cheap, which I could forgive, but they’re put together shoddily. As an example, the doors aren’t horizontal they left the plastic coating on. Even the blue strips on top of doors. Even where they’ve attached fronts, and behind handles. There’s only one drawer in the whole kitchen. It has my knives and wooden spoons and stiff, so the normal cutlery is in a tray in the vegetable rack. The shelves are all the wrong size for our stuff. There’s a corner unit that’s about a third of the storage and it’s impossible to get things out of the back of it.

The oven is the wrong height for the surfaces. Its second hand and the old grout is hanging off the side, above the surfaces. Its tiny, and gas, which is hard to cook in. The grates over the hobs are wonk so my saucepans aren’t flat. Cooking is not fun and relaxing in this place…

So, despite not knowing anything about kitchens, and being slightly terrified we’re going ahead and redoing it…


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