Kitchen planning appointment

So on Wednesday, our first kitchen planner came round.

He spotted a few issues with where the kitchen is (not arguing with the current problems!) – there’s a structural beam half way along that’s going to make moving the hob and hood tricky. Oh, and we don’t have a stopcock.

But, he was on the whole quite positive. Certainly helpful! He thinks we can have all the things we want – a washing machine and dryer and slimline dishwasher! That, I wasn’t expecting, I thought we’d have to give up the dishwasher. He does think that he has to make me forfeit a tall cupboard that I wanted for the ironing board and mops and stuff. A bit disappointing, but something I can probably live with I suppose.

Anyway, full plans tomorrow so I’ll see what I think of it…Another designer coming round on Sunday though, so we should have some options!


Friday beautiful thing

I can’t get the pictures to save to this blog but this mirror is just beautiful.

I need a mirror for the hallway, to bounce light down the very dark and gloomy stairs. And as the wallpaper I’ve chosen has strong vertical lines (being a snowy forest look), I wanted a round mirror.

I also wanted something that referenced the forest somehow – flowers or leaves or branches or something.

And you’d be surprised how, with what I thought were pretty broad requirements, I couldn’t find a single thing I wanted. I looked. And looked. And googled about every other day. And NOTHING. I was in full on stubborn mode. I refused to give in. But I’d been given money for Christmas and I wanted to use it for this. So I needed something. I hit Google again.

And this came up in the sidebar. The price is a little more than I was hoping for. But it’s so perfect I just couldn’t resist. I’m so happy!

Finishing up the study

In the blogging hiatus, I rather forgot that I left the study in it’s glorious, slightly icy blues (apart from the dark colour on the radiator I suppose), with clean white furniture.

Just a nice Ikea desk and Ikea desk chair, but in that room they look pretty much perfect.

Still, the room was a bit stark like that. Serene, but not welcoming. And it needed accessorising!

Well, it’s a study, and that says travel to me, so the art on the walls is maps including a vintage Tube map. (I’ll tell you a secret. It’s not real vintage. It’s a replica that was used as wrapping paper but we loved and framed and you’d never know it used to be wrapping paper. That’s how easy fabulous art can be).

We’d been using the study to store some bits and pieces while we unpacked elsewhere, including my beautiful faux irises, and I noticed that the purple worked really well with the blue walls. It adds a little warmth, and a different colour to accent the room. Turns out we had quite a lot of purple knick knacks that look great, plus some other bits that have personal significance.

The result – a room that’s beautiful and relates to us both very personally, which makes it inspiring as well as serene to work in. So, with that and the bedroom, there are two rooms that give me that wiggle squiggle of happiness when I go it. Just three/four to go!

Overview o the desk

Inspiration comes from….a corporate strategy document??

As the title, says, inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere.

A colleague of mine was looking at a corporate strategy document and complaining about the diagram making one of the points – a hexagon in alternating dark and pale grey with a purple shape at the centre. It might not have made it’s point very well, but she was also complaining about the colour scheme.

But when I saw it in terms of colour, I could just see the greys as a wall and the shape in the middle as a lovely squishy sofa. Which I thought would be sophisticated and luxurious and comfortable looking all at once.

And a skim through Pinterest confirms this – look at the examples I’ve found. Sure you can find some more…

fdb28ee1377ea06f6588206176593247 d6397b4f3a1ec9c7be4dceb5c2544577 cf32269fe081e43615e18aae650ab8ff Dark purple chair pale grey walls 375ae55f09b5dcb0120ff395af92c139

Trying to design a kitchen

I really hope that the last post convinced you just why we want/need a new kitchen.

But we have no idea how to even start thinking about how to sort out a kitchen. It’s way out of our comfort zone. And all the articles online aren’t specific enough or detailed enough and are quite often wildly contradictory.

So after browsing round some kitchen stores, and being thoroughly uninspired, we bit the bullet and went to a professional. Kind of. We have been told of a kitchen fitter who will help design a space. And there are local professional independent kitchen designers. But given how deeply naïve we felt about it, we wanted to go somewhere safe. At least to start with. So we went in to John Lewis.

And this is where I thought things got weird. We were asked what cabinets we wanted. And surfaces. Which I suppose is fair enough, not their fault that I can’t really think about that until I know what and where those cabinets will be… And then we had to pick the model of dishwasher. Although WE DON’T EVEN KNOW IF THERE’S ROOM FOR A DISHWASHER.

Sorry, just needed to vent that a bit. But at no point did they even ask for any dimensions of the kitchen. It all felt a lot like trying to run before I even understand what legs are for.

Anyway, John Lewis’ actual kitchen planner is coming to visit next Sunday, so we might get a bit more joy then…

The problem with the kitchen

Like I said yesterday, the next big project in the house is the kitchen. Lets just run down why I’m desperate to change it.

I’m a cook. Not a brilliant cook – I’m not the next GBBO winner and definitely not a masterchef in the making. But I love cooking (and eating, but never mind that for now). I don’t have a ridiculous amount of gadgets and stuff, but a fair few. We have glassware and pots and pans and so on. And most importantly, cooking in the evening is my wind down after work. Its how I relax and have my me time. So the kitchen is pretty important to me.

Our kitchen in the new flat has potential. Its next to the living area, which is nice so I don’t need to be completely separated. But still separate. There’s a window, and a little alcove just the right size for a washing machine and maybe a dryer too.

Which makes it actually even more disappointing that when they converted it into a kitchen they did such an appalling job of it! The units are cheap, which I could forgive, but they’re put together shoddily. As an example, the doors aren’t horizontal they left the plastic coating on. Even the blue strips on top of doors. Even where they’ve attached fronts, and behind handles. There’s only one drawer in the whole kitchen. It has my knives and wooden spoons and stiff, so the normal cutlery is in a tray in the vegetable rack. The shelves are all the wrong size for our stuff. There’s a corner unit that’s about a third of the storage and it’s impossible to get things out of the back of it.

The oven is the wrong height for the surfaces. Its second hand and the old grout is hanging off the side, above the surfaces. Its tiny, and gas, which is hard to cook in. The grates over the hobs are wonk so my saucepans aren’t flat. Cooking is not fun and relaxing in this place…

So, despite not knowing anything about kitchens, and being slightly terrified we’re going ahead and redoing it…

New Year

I know I stopped blogging for a bit. I just got too busy with work and everything, and I wasn’t even doing up the flat much. It just all felt like I had nothing to say and no time to say it in. Inspiration had deserted me.

It’s a cliché to say New Year, new me, new resolutions. But still, this January feels like a renewal. New energy for all the house projects, new volunteering, new items, all sorts of stuff.

And a new job too…soon anyway. Hoping that it won’t interfere with house stuff or blogging.