Moving on to the study

I’m not blogging these updates in the order we did them in – progress on our house wasn’t as simple and linear as I’m pretending to create some sort of coherent narrative…

Anyway, while doing the bedroom, we were also doing up the study. This is a tiny little room, sold as a single bedroom, but would only just be big enough for that. And in fact, having a study was a big selling point for the flat. My partner needs some space and a bolthole (yes, even from me!), and having a room to go to was going to be a big thing. She’s also hoping to write something, and an inspiring, beautiful place was going to help. Or that was the plan.

Anyway, the study was predominantly going to be ‘her’ space, so it was important that she picked the colours. Her absolute favourite colour is, if not teal like the sofa, a clear, slightly greenish blue. Duck egg, TIffany style blues. Blue is, of course, also a very serene colour, and so we felt that it would be suitable for a study space. Out with the Dulux charts, and nearly endless discussions of colour. Eventually we found the right Tiffany blue, but were slightly scared that it would be too intense in such a small space, so we decided to paint two walls in a paler, sky like blue to offset that problem.

Finally we went really intense blue and painted the skirting boards, radiator and door in a really dark version of the Tiffany blue. This not only added some drama and interest, but the darker colour feels warmer – good in an icy blue room with only north facing light!

Below is the radiator and the paler wall, with a sneak preview of some of the other stuff…



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