Pencil sketches

So my course said it would teach me to sketch. I was incredibly excited about this as I’ve always wished I could draw. I can’t, by the way. Proportions go all funny. I’ve taught myself to draw a few items well, mostly by reading how to do it. So I can draw eyes, and jewels. And that’s about it…

Anyway, I’ve finally got on to the sketching module of my design course! Hurrah! Well, the instructions in the module are… confusing, and seem to skip steps. It goes from drawing one square to a grid without much more instruction. Then how to draw a table, and then, bizarrely, stairs. And finally, with very little more introduction, the assignment is draw four whole rooms!

No more detail, no layouts, just draw them…. so, as the only way I could make it work on my head, I basically worked out a floor plan for a whole cottage – just so I knew what needed to be in each room….

I did the living room first – my first ever full room sketch

My first ever - so forgive the flaws

My first ever – so forgive the flaws

I know its by no means perfect. The scaling of the chairs is a bit dicey and the side table at the front looks a bit like a massive crystal ball. Oh, and the layout of the room is so awkward! Can you imagine sitting in that room? You’d end up with a cricked neck whatever you were trying to do…. but I’m still fairly proud.

Anyway, I moved on to the kitchen. I found this quite uninspiring and hard to get into, but I don’t think that I ended up with that bad a job. Again, some sizing issues (those counters look awfully low, don’t you think?) but…

Kitchen sketch

Kitchen sketch

And the final one so far, the bathroom. I was dreading this as there are so many complex shapes to get into a bathroom. If you’ve only started drawing this week, and you’re not confident with square tables, then how could I possibly draw a toilet?? Well, perhaps the challenge spurred me on as I think I managed it. Some items are a bit odd shaped and more square than I’d like, but it’s recognisably a bathroom!


Hope you agree. Just the bedroom to go – wish me luck!


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