Finishing touches

So, the bedroom now has painted walls, a wardrobe, a bed, curtains. All the main things anyway.

So we needed just (maybe I should say ‘just’) the finishing touches.

We stencilled the wardrobe doors – those very plain ones I was talking about before. I found a massive Virginia creeper stencil online (Etsy is amazing) and used that. I think it looked very clean and very smart.

The first stage of stencilling the wardrobe

The first stage of stencilling the wardrobe

Unfortunately we had a slight problem. To get the depth of colour, we needed two coats. On our third door, the stencil fell off between the two coats, leaving a very pale stencil. There was no way I could possibly put the stencil exactly back over it again. So we decided to make the best of a bad job and turn it into almost a third dimension. It looks pretty good, I think, though I do prefer the cleaner first look!

The 3D stencils

We also decorated the bed. I know its a bit girly and possibly a bit twee, but I had my heart set on a canopy. With garlands and flowers and twinkly lights. You can see how it turned out…and whatever you think of it for grown ladies, I LOVE IT. Which is, fundamentally, all that matters.

The fairy princess canopy

So, just a few finishing touches. I can be a bit of an addict to bedding, so I bought some new bedding – white with flower themes. You can see some of them in the photos, and they definitely add to the overall feel of the room. My favourite is the recent purchase covered with little 3D blue butterflies. It’s so delicate and pretty and matches the feel of the room perfectly.

The butterfly bedlinen

And then, keeping with the bower theme, little bedside lights (from Ikea) that give a beautiful soft glow in the evenings – and the whole room just makes me delighted!

Bedside lights


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