The bedroom curtains

So, the bedroom is green, and has the major furniture in place. We just needed a way to tie it all together. I had this idea of making the room into a bit of a bower – so lots of flowers, vines, that sort of thing. Very girly and with the possibility of being a bit cutesy, but something I really wanted to do. And as its my bedroom (our bedroom, but this we more or less agreed on), that’s what’s important.

Which is where we were when we came up to the decision point about the curtains. The room, as I mentioned, has a big bay window, but that opens out over the front drive and the road. Neither of us were comfortable with having this just open, so we wanted to have some sort of way of shading us from the full view of passers by. I was a bit uncomfortable with the vibe from net curtains and even voiles, as being a bit grannyish, but it was the only thing we could afford. So we wanted something that had flowers and at the same time was quite young….hmmm….

We hunted everywhere, and in the end it was online that came up trumps, with curtains we could get made to measure. Ours have a trailing flower pattern, which was the best we could find to tread that tricky line…


On top of these we needed green curtains. As mentioned in a previous post, it was tough to find something in the shade of green that we wanted. So we ditched the matching idea and went for something contrasting – a dark green. Again, made to measure online was our best bet – the windows seemed to be an unusual length – too deep for short curtains but the longer ones would have been trailing on the floor. We also found some in a velour – a nice luxury fabric to contrast with the feel of the room so far.


And the best bit – when the sun shines through onto the curtains you can just see the shadow of the vine pattern on the curtains, which is genuinely lovely. Room is getting there at last!


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