Eltham Palace

The bedroom – look at that wallpaper and the wood! (especially that corner table)

It’s been over a week since I finally managed to get to Eltham Palace, and it’s time I said something about it.

I’d been promised an Art Deco extravaganza, full of unimaginable luxury (even the lemur (a lemur!) had a heated cage!) and in many ways it really is. But a much more understated, even subtle way than I expected. No Great Gatsbysque glitter in this palace.

Lots of modern conveniences, even fitted vacuum tubes so you can plug a hoover right into the wall! Built in furniture and radios, everything of the best – especially the wood. Different bedrooms in different woods – the Pear bedroom, the Oak bedroom etc. So beautifully kept and glossy, just amazing how you can make so many beautiful looks just with wood. Maybe not surprising, but even so.

Most rooms were subtle, pale creams and blues, beiges and pinks. My favourite was the male master bedroom, with amazing blue wallpaper spanning two walls with a Chinese willowware style picture of Kew Gardens.


Stephen Courtauld’s bathroom was my favourite too, a beautiful green, quite unlike his wife’s gold nymph themed one.

The bathroom

The room that most encapsulated the feel of the palace though is the entrance room – an astoundingly airy room, full of light and space.


The marquetry mural, with the subtle beiges echoed in the rug. Impressive, but not in your face. Very clever!


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