The final big ticket and urgent item – the wardrobes

So to wardrobes. As you may have gathered, we are two ladies living together. We both like clothes and I have a slightly unhealthy collection of shoes. Wardrobe and clothes storage space is important to us. And so, we turned to Ikea. On our endless trips round their maze, we also spent endless hours in the wardrobe section. Looking at doors. Lights. Finishes. Layouts. Really REALLY clever gadgets that you think are amazing and then realise wouldn’t work for you. More layouts. More doors. We went back to the flat and measured the ceiling height – realised we could fit in the taller size of wardrobe. Went back to trying layouts.

The Ikea online wardrobe builder was in the end brilliant, but nearly ruined the whole thing. You can set up the room to the right dimensions, for a start, which was fun, as was painting the walls (and thus restarting the whole debate on what shade of green we were looking for….). Building a wardrobe turned out to be a touch trickier. As did deleting one I’d got wrong. It turns out that I managed NOT to delete the old wardrobe, but merely moved it out of the room (and thus out of most views). This resulted in the price quoted being double what it should have been and putting us off… Thankfully I spotted this problem before we got to the tearful stage, figured out how to delete the first draft, and we ended up with a double double wardrobe, going round a corner. Ingeniously the two sections are different depths meaning we have one lovely deep wardrobe and the other fits beyond the end of the bed. The interior of the wardrobe is laid out to my design with a mix of rails (in the deep one, to fit clothes on hangars properly), shoe racks, shelves (at the top, for things we don’t use often) and drawers (in the shallow wardrobe). I didn’t get it all quite right – the rails are a little too short so not all the clothes hang well – but it’s better than anything I’ve seen on the market and that’s a start. And it fits everything in, which is also kind of important!

The doors were another challenge. We needed sliding doors for the space – there literally isn’t clearance for a door to open in the room with the king size bed. I wanted at least one mirrored door as it means you don’t have to find extra floor space for a full length mirror as well as adding space and light, but with the oversized bed and layout we didn’t want full on mirrors right at the end/side of the bed. Having mirrors on you while you’re in bed and getting dressed has always felt a little weird to me, not my kind of thing at all. So we went for a mirror on the corner unit – not directly facing the bed, but useful when needed. It does help with the space, but with the bay window the room overall is quite light so it’s not needed for that reason.

Ikea doors are bizarrely priced as well. The basic, absolutely flat white door is fairly reasonable. The next one up, with minimal decoration is double that, and for any interesting finish at all, it’s insanely expensive. Funnily enough, we decided to go flat white and use the wardrobe as our first decorating project of that type.

Of course putting the wardrobe together was a whole other story…me, the in-laws, a power drill that broke before we could use it, late nights, stressful work while moving meant that there were quite literally tantrums with someone (ok, me) flouncing off in tears. Were over it now, and it’s pretty solid!

I think if you see the layout of the bedroom we ended up with, you’d probably scream. Everything is too big for the space. But we’re actually quite happy with it and critically it works for us. I guess we made the right compromises for us and our situation, but I don’t know if I’d recommend this style to anyone else!


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