Why do we decorate?

I read an article earlier this week that really annoyed me. It was entitled something like ‘Decorating Rules’. Some of the rules were fairly sensible, but a lot were ‘don’t do this as it’s really unattractive to men’. Which I hate. Yes, ok, I’m coming at this from being in a long term, committed relationship so that’s not relevant to me, but still. Is that what it’s about?

Similarly, you see in hundreds of articles and blogs (usually by property experts) that say things like ‘decorate to get the best price’ or ‘increase the value by…’ Again, is this really what the point of decorating is?

Well, for me, this goes back to the fundamental question – what do we do in our houses? Well, we live in them. So the only reason for decorating is to enhance the experience of living in them, whatever that means to the individual. If that means comfy, that’s fine. If it means attractive to men, well, that’s fine too. But it’s not a ‘rule’ – the only rule is what makes you (or the client) happier in your life!


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