Moving on from the sofa – getting another basic right

Sorry for not posting for a couple of days – been feeling under the weather, and also have been quite busy at work.

I thought today I’d talk about the other major purchases. You’ve seen the saga of the sofa. Thankfully the other two were much, much easier.

Both the other critical items were for the bedroom – a bed and a wardrobe. We’d originally hoped the loft room could be the bedroom as the bay window room would be an amazing living room, and I really love having stairs to go up to bed – you really feel like there’s a separation between day and night, work/activity and sleep then. Sadly the loft room is an incredibly awkward space and that combined with the low and sloping ceiling meant that we just couldn’t see it working as a day to day bedroom for us. So we moved on to Plan B – the large bay window room to be the master bedroom.

First things first, we had to get an idea of the colour scheme we wanted. Inevitably, there was a debate. I kind of wanted a pretty pink and white concept, based on sort of cherry blossom ideas ( My lady, inevitably, wanted blue and white. With green being my favourite colour, and a soothing, relaxing colour, I was also in favour of green and white. Interestingly, we weren’t interested in wood finishes at all – possibly because our one existing piece of furniture – a chest of drawers – was white. Possibly not. In the end, I won the debate, largely because with the teal and yellow front room, and a blue study in the pipeline, we felt that we were going to end up living in a blue house. So we went with green and white.

A white base to a bed isn’t actually all that tricky to find, which was a relief. We were quite torn on the style – we both loved the look of wrought iron style headboards, especially if you think of them against a green wall, but those bedsteads inevitably are less comfy to sit up against, and we do sit up in bed to chat/eat breakfast etc on a more or less daily basis. That style of bed also inevitably means no inbuilt storage underneath and in a small flat, we felt we really desperately needed the storage space. Yes, you can get round this with boxes and so on under the bed but then you lose the look…

So we went practical, and got an ottoman bed with a padded headboard. It does look essentially like a very big white box, but with nice bedding that’s not too bad, and the storage it provides is incredible and invaluable. We also got a King size bed, despite it only just fitting in the space. It is too big for the room, but given that we spend the most time in there in bed, we felt that it was most important to get that experience right. In some ways being in the room feels like being on a massive divan rather than a room. We won’t win any awards for how amazing the room looks, but we enjoy using it, which is at least as important. (though actually, I also love how it looks myself). Also we didn’t skimp on choosing a mattress and got the best we could afford that we both liked (as with sofas, we have rather different requirements for softness of mattress…). Not regretted that choice for a single second, it’s worth it. Getting a good night’s sleep is so important! Sitting in the bed, with all that space, on the soft mattress, is such a luxurious experience.


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