My flat – the description

Slightly dull as this may be, I think it’s important to describe the new flat so you have an idea of the rooms and issues with it…as there are some issues!

You enter through a very narrow front door to a small porch. Our front door is in front of your nose, a dark wood door that doesn’t quite fit perfectly into the frame. Opening it you find immediately in front you a narrow, steep staircase. This is only lit by the light in the ceiling of the landing up above, making it shadowy and gloomy.

As you reach the top, you can see into the living room – a square room with one window opposite the door. When you go in, you see it’s really a kitchen diner – the long kitchen space taking up one side of the room and extending. In the far corner is the sink and washing machine in a strange little nook.

The next room down the landing is a large room with a bay window, incongruously viewed through a narrow window. The end of the landing opens into a small room – big enough for a single bed but no additional furniture. Also, as (we’re pretty sure) this used to be the bathroom, it has no plug sockets. Interesting.

Another set of stairs – less narrow and gloomy than the previous ones – leads up to the bathroom and a loft room. Both have very low ceilings – and of course one half of the loft room as a sloping eave ceiling coming down to some inexpertly blocked off under-eave storage.

There are awkwardnesses in this arrangement, but definitely also possibilities….hopefully to be realised in the future!


2 thoughts on “My flat – the description

  1. I’m a bit of a nosy person so like seeing inside other people’s homes…so when I stumbled upon a post with a floorplan…well I was curious to see more.
    Congratulations with your flat buy and lots of fun making it your home 🙂


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