Welcome to my world

So earlier this year, I bought my first house (Ok, flat. Half a house). Which, I know, makes me incredibly lucky.

It was immensely exciting for so many reasons. A massive investment, a place to call our own, the responsibility of maintaining a building all ourselves. But, to be honest, my partner and I were most excited about choosing paints and curtains. Oh yes, after years in rented accommodation done out in magnolia and pale neutrals, we were intoxicated by the prospect of colour.

We started developing colour schemes as soon as our offer was accepted. We made mood boards, cleared local DIY shops of their paint swatches (thank you Dulux for having so many, so freely available!). I enrolled in an online interior design course to make sure we got everything as right as possible

And now, some months after finally moving in, it turns out that I’m still intoxicated by colour and design. I adore colours, I love my course, pulling together schemes and concepts. We’ve turned some of our ideas into reality and walking into – or even past – those rooms gives me such a lot of joy. So too does reading about, thinking about, looking at, other people’s ideas and concepts. Too much joy to keep to myself, so this is my place to share that with whatever proportion of the world wants to share it.

Expect tales of my flat redecoration, places I’ve seen, colours and styles and thoughts and everything else. And, I hope, enjoy it!


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